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I am a photographer based in New York. The last twenty years I have documented the New York downtown performance, theater and gay art scene. My photography has also included images taken throughout the deep south. This is a continual project documenting rural Alabama and New Orleans both it's people and landscape. I have several self published books including "Bang Bang", "House of the Waning Moon" and "Tripping the Light Fantastic". You can view these books under my name at blurb.com. Currently, I am working on a new book called "Ghosts of the Bushfire" to be published September 2011. I am represented in New York by the Christopher Henry Gallery. You can contact me at vesphotography@mac.com or my gallery at info@christopherhenrygallery.com 212 244 6004


New Earth is a series of photographs I started in 2014. They examine how the collected unconscious can visualize and distort imaginary with a new look at technology and our social and environmental world.





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Garden photography is one way that I support myself in New York. If you are interested in having your garden or one that you are working on documented please contact me.


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